Interested in becoming involved as a beach official or want to pursue your certification to a higher level? Our beach refereeing pathway allows you to plot their own learner journey through a range of qualifications.

Grade 4 Beach

The Grade 4 Beach Award is an 8-hour course and is the basic introductory refereeing award to Beach Volleyball.

The course comprises both theory and practical sessions. During the course, you will understand the tactics and skills used within the 2-a-side beach volleyball game and learn how to referee a match effectively. You will then be assessed by a written examination on the rules of Volleyball and the use of the score sheet.

The cost of the Grade 4 Beach course is £55 and you should be 16 years of age.

Next Steps...

After passing the Grade 4 course, you will then be able to obtain higher grades through being observed. You can arrange an assessment through contacting your regional referee representative or contacting a referee staff member.

Grade 3 Regional Beach

The Grade 3 Regional Beach qualification is the basic grade of practical refereeing and the recommended minimum standard for officiating in regional or local Beach events, and the Beach Student Cup. 

Ideally, after attaining the Grade 4 qualification, you will be able to be promoted to Grade 3 Regional by getting practical experience as both a 1st and 2nd referee. Once you feel confident enough, you can contact a staff member, who will arrange to observe one of your matches.

Grade 3 National Beach

The Grade 3 National qualification allows you to be on the Volleyball England Beach Tour (VEBT) panel, when you will then be appointed by the Beach Commissioner to referee in VEBT matches. You should have some experience of refereeing beach volleyball games.

Grade 2 Beach

You can be upgraded to Grade 2 if you are a registered Grade 3 National referee with at least 2 years of experience. You should demonstrate a consistently high standard of officiating in appointed VEBT matches and Volleyball England recognised Beach competitions.

Grade 1 Beach

You can be upgraded to Grade 1 if you are a registered Grade 2 referee with at least 2 years of experience as a VEBT Panel Referee. You should demonstrate competence at the highest level of officiating and must be committed to an extensive programme of VEBT matches each season.