Regional Referee Coordinator

A Regional Referee Coordinator (RRC) is responsible for the general admin of refereeing in the region. This includes monitoring and developing the standard of refereeing and liaising with the Referee Commission to ensure that all needs in the region are filled. The RRC may also be responsible for the appointment of referees in the local/regional leagues as well as providing referees with the opportunity to upgrade or initiate Grade 4 courses to fill demand.

Regional Referees Coordinators will also maintain communication between such as; local leagues, tournament organisers, NVL Clubs in the region and the Regional Association. The RRC will keeps all referees in the region up to date on any recent rule changes or interpretations and should also keep an accurate register of scorers in the region.

Does my region have a RRC?

Most regions will have a RRC or someone who is responsible for the same sort of tasks that are covered by a RRC. However, you may find that there can be roles vacant on your Regional Association while a replacement is found. If you would like to know more about the role or are interested in filling a vacancy then please contact Volleyball England on

Visit the Regional Associations section and then select your region to view the contact details for your RRC.