If you are arranging junior volleyball activity for the first time, there are two main pieces of equipment you will need to get started: a volleyball and a volleyball net.


When choosing a volleyball, the important thing is to ensure it isn’t too heavy. Schools may have large light balls that could be used in the early stages of learning.

Volleyball clubs wanting to introduce primary and lower secondary aged children to the game will need to purchase junior weight balls. Traditional adult weight volleyballs will be too heavy.

The recommended ball for primary aged children is the Mikasa SKV5 Volleyball or Mikasa VS170W Lightweight Volleyball. These are soft, non-sting balls. The Mikasa V180 is a good ball for older players.

Whatever ball is used, be careful not to over inflate the ball. Not only will it damage the ball, but it will be off-putting for the players and it will be harder to control.

Please visit the websites of our partners Bishops Sports and Sportset for more information.

Volleyball nets

In volleyball it is important to use a net that is above stretch height of those taking part so that it is a suitable barrier to play over.

In formal competitions there are specific heights (click here) but for primary beginners a height between 1.80m and 2m is recommended. Secondary is 2.15m to 2.24m.

For sitting volleyball, the net needs to be approximately 1m in height.

When setting up you may well be governed by your surroundings so it is important that the net is safe, high and easy to set up rather than worrying that the net is exactly the correct height. 

Below we have detailed some of our recommended volleyball net solutions.

Volleyball net option 1: Net track system

The net track system is great for indoors as it allows a long net to be put up quickly and creates multiple courts with lots of children playing at once. The net height can be adjusted for the age and height of the children playing. It also enables the net to be lowered for sitting volleyball as well as other net games.

Visit the Sportset website for more information.

Volleyball net option 2: Portable water or sand-filled bases and posts

The portable bases and posts are easy to move and store. You can adjust the posts to various heights to cater for all primary aged children. The net easily attaches and spans the width of a badminton court.

Visit the Bishop Sports website for more information.

Volleyball net option 3: Outdoor net system

The outdoor net system can be used in the park or on the beach. It is a full width of 9m and can reach the full height of 2.24m for women or 2.43m for men. However, the height isn’t adjustable for junior players.

Visit the Sportset website for more information.

Other volleyball net options

Net and posts don’t have to be traditional volleyball equipment. Here are some ideas:

  • Use badminton nets. You may need several attached together in-order to span the space
  • Use a rope. Attach bands to the rope so that it is more visible when playing the ball over the net
  • Cam buckle retaining straps will help tension a net
  • Use already existing secured fixtures within your space to attach a net e.g. hall, multi-use game area.

Need further help?

Please contact our partners Bishops Sports and Sportset for further advice on volleyball equipment.