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School-Club links focuses attention on activity for young people that will take place outside of the school curriculum, helping them participate and enjoy physical education and sport. Volleyball Englands School Club Link programme has been developed to ensure that the links are sustainable and of a high quality offering an integrated approach linked to partner outcomes.

By working in partnership with School Sports Partnerships, County Sports Partnerships, Community Development Coaches and volleyball clubs, we aim provide a quality volleyball experience and increase the number of children participating in club environments and the numer of Volley123/Clubmark clubs.

Benefits for Schools

  • Access to a network of local sport coaches with the potential to access specialist coaching during curriculum time.
  • A community club to promote the school.
  • The potential to reduce operating costs with a reliable tenant.
  • Increased ‘ownership’ by the local community
  • Increase participation beyond the curriculum through school and satellite clubs.
  • Development of young volleyball leaders and volunteers and appropriate deployment opportunities.
  • A supported route for young people to enter into recreational and competitive structures.

Benefits for Volleyball clubs

  • Increased access to high quality facilities, suitable for coach and/or volunteer training sessions.
  • Potential to increase membership numbers.
  • Supports the vision of a ‘community club’ in a community setting.
  • Access to junior members especially with the creation of school and satellite clubs.
  • Ability to encourage young leaders and volunteers to be involved.

Satellite Club Toolkit

Club Links - Satellite Clubs is a brand new website set up by Sport England to help your school / club set up a quality link. It includes information about making plans, attracting young people, building your team and finances. Simply browse the site for some great tips, ideas and resources!

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