Interview with Craig Handford

We have had the pleasure to talk to Craig Handford (Ex Endland Senior Women's Coach, technical director and senior tutor), on the topic of Specialisation

Craig provides us with great insight into the reasons behind why you specialise, rationale for doing it and associated challenges. The article will help you think about your system of play and what would be the best fit for your team!

The Interview...

We thought that there is so much fantastic content that we did not want to summarise, so we have made it all available as audio. Enjoy!

Q: Tell us a little bit more about your background and involvement in volleyball?

Q: What is your favourite system of play?

Q: What is your general standpoint on specialisation?

Q: Why is specialisation so important in volleyball?

Q: What in your opinion are the associated dangers of specialisation?

Q: At what age do you think youngsters should start to specialise?

Q: What positions should players specialise earlier in?

Q: Finally, what are your top tips on this topic?