Get fit and ready to return to court stronger than before with VOLLEYFIT, our new volleyball fitness programme for members of Volleyball England.

This 10-week+ plan will take you and your teammates on a progressive strength and conditioning journey tailored for volleyball, preparing your body to dig, spike and block back on court.

With the country under a national lockdown, VOLLEYFIT is the perfect tool for spicing up your home workouts and keeping you motivated, whether at home or at the park. 

As you go along, tag Volleyball England in your #VOLLEYFIT #sweatyselfies on Instagram and we’ll comment with some words of motivation to keep you on track!


How does VOLLEYFIT work?

Each week beginning 18th January until the end of April, a new video will be uploaded to an online platform for members of Volleyball England affiliated clubs and registered coaches and referees and national team athletes to access.

S&C coaches Alex Jenkins and Phil Spalding, who work at UP Uppsala in Sweden and PS Physical Conditioning, respectively, will guide athletes through VOLLEYFIT, which will cover coordination, vertical jumping and more. They’ll demonstrate exercises in short videos, providing their expert insight through in-video commentaries, and give participants session plans that integrate those movements to complete at their own leisure each week. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to hear Alex and Phil discuss what to expect from VOLLEYFIT.

Working with Mel Young, the S&C Coach of the GB Men's Sitting Volleyball Team, we've also been able to organise a sitting volleyball programme, focussing on core and mobility, that will begin at the beginning of April.

Participants are encouraged to keep up with the programme for the duration of the 10 weeks and beyond, but they can also follow along at their own pace, as the back catalogue will be available to watch at their leisure.

Who is it designed for?

While VOLLEYFIT can be followed by players from any level of the indoor game, recreational players and coaches will most benefit from the programme. That includes adults and juniors too. And it is ideal for players regardless of their position.

While volleyball is the focus of the programme, specific content for sitting volleyball players will also be released from the beginning of April.

How do I access the content?

Members, whether national team players, registered referees or coaches or members of affiliate clubs, will be notified via email each week when new content goes live. A link to that video will be included in the notification.

Club secretaries are encouraged to share the link with their club members and to also watch and then practise VOLLEYFIT with members during virtual fitness sessions.

How many times a week should I repeat the session plans?

Our instructors recommend repeating each week's video two to three times.

How do I sign up?

Information on how to access VOLLEYFIT has been sent out via email to the secretary of every Volleyball England registered club, players registered to that club on VolleyZone and registered coaches and referees. If you have not received that notification, please email membership@volleyballengland.org.

If you’re not currently an affiliated club or registered member, joining will give you access to the VOLLEYFIT programme plus insurance cover and more. Find out about membership benefits and fees on our website or email membership@volleyballengland.org.


For all other queries, please email membership@volleyballengland.org.

WATCH: What to expect from this 10-week S&C plan