England vs Landstede Match 1 report

19th August 2015

England vs Landstede Match 1 report

England Young Senior Match Squad

1. Pete Bakare, 3. Kieran Sowden, 4. John Chapman (Libero), 5. Cameron Carrington, 6. Adam Bradbury, 7. Sonny Chaney, 8. Leon Davis-Chambers, 9. Sam Shenton, 10. Nathan French (Captain), 12. Nathan Fullerton, 13. Alex Jenkins, 14. Adam Karakoc

ENGLAND 2 – 3 Landstede (25-22, 28-30, 15-25 27-25, 15-17)

After three years of absence from the International stage the England team arrived in Holland to train and compete against Landstede (The National Dutch Champions) in a three match series. Landstede have a philosophy of developing and preparing young talented Dutch players to go on to represent at senior national team level. After holding four training camps throughout the summer the England team travelled with a fourteen man squad which includes experienced Olympians and young high potential juniors.

The first set was evenly matched with both teams trading points. Adam Bradbury and Nathan French were very quickly into their rhythm and scored at the ariel’s as the middles continued to hold their opponent’s, creating the one on one situations. England took the lead at the second technical 16-13 with three consecutive kills from Peter Bakare. England men continued this momentum and won the first set 25-22.

Landstede showed an immediate reaction in set two and started brightly leading 8-5 at the first technical. Nathan Fullerton with some excellent blocking and Adam Bradbury with some quick attacks turned the set in favour of England leading 16-13 at the second technical. The set continued to show some superb offence and the teams traded points until 28-28 when an excellent serve followed by a block kill from the opposition won the set for Landstede 28-30.

Landstede made a strong start to set three with excellent defence which was converted to points. England were 8-2 down at the first technical and the coaching staff looked to make changes to bring the team back into the set. Sam Shenton, Alex Jenkins and Leon Davis-Chambers all entered the court but it was Landstede who had the rhythm and continued to score from their opposite player, winning the third set 15-25.

England needed to respond in the fourth set and they certainly did in style. Adam Karakoc replaced Adam Bradbury and Nathan Fullerton switched to the middle. England traded points with their opponents leading 8-7 at the first technical with Leon Davis-Chambers gaining three points. Fullerton and French made a significant contribution in offence to score five quick points. England led 16-15 at the second technical. Landstede continued utilise their ‘go to’ man; both teams trading points but it was two more kills from Nathan Fullerton late in the set which allowed England to win an excellent fourth set 27-25.

The fifth set was always going to be close and this was a great opportunity for England to gain their first victory. Landstede started well and raced into a 3-8 lead but England were not finished. England’s captain and vice-captain led from the front with Nathan French and Peter Bakare scoring 7 points to level the scores at 14-14. Unfortunately for England Landstede made a superb kill block and finished with an ace serve to win the match 15-17.

As a whole the England players and staff were pleased with the performance level from the team against what is clearly a quality opponent. The determination and the way the players responded after the third set showed real desire and resilience to get back into the game. England’s first game was a success and the fourth set in particular was a measure of what is still to come in the remaining two matches.

The team once again take on Landstede today (Wednesday 19th) which you can watch live from 2:30pm (UK time) by clicking here

England vs Landstede Match 1 report