Coaching Conference comes a-live

15th June 2016

Coaching Conference comes a-live

FIFTY coaches from across the country went to the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering on Sunday [12 June] to take part in the Annual Coaching Conference, which included a ‘Coaching Live’ session on serve receive.

The day got underway with a masterclass from Jefferson Williams, former England coach, and the current junior men’s head coach Darren Lewis, on how to train a setter, which took coaches through the processes of first how to select and then improve the setter.

The second live workshop focused on how to run a great session on serve receive, delivered by ex-England cadet boys head coach Carol Gordon and current England junior women’s head coach Rachel Laybourne. Coaches watched the session from the stand and were given a number of elements to observe, such as how the coaches gave feedback, how they changed the intensity of the session and how they challenged the players.

Cliff Ball, an experienced L1 coach from Colne Comets in Wiltshire, said: “The day was so useful, the live sessions in particular were excellent.

"The ‘How to Run a Great Session’ seminar was very well done.  With both coaches wearing microphones, you could hear all the explanations and technical instructions to the players as the session progressed.”

Cambridge Volleyball Club’s Keith McAdam said: “I came with three other coaches from the club and we all found the day really informative. We’ve come away with the idea of getting all our teams together to work on specific technical themes, such as setting.

"It was also good to see how our top coaches run their sessions and how they keep it fresh and interesting. You learn so much from other coaches.”

Coaches’ Commission president Gillian Harrison added: “The live sessions worked really well and there were so many questions which showed that the coaches really enjoyed it. The overall feedback has been excellent and we are now left with coaches wanting more of this at the regional level – something for the Coaching Commission to look at.”

The day also looked at the use of statistics in the game, such as which statistics to collect and why. The workshop took coaches through the different ways of capturing statistics statistics, how to get consistency and how to use them to improve both individuals and the team. 

Louise O'Reilly, workforce manager at Volleyball England said: “We’re delighted the weekend was well received by our coaches.

“We incorporated many of the suggestions which we receive throughout the year and the live sessions in particular were a great success.

"Thanks to everyone who attended."


Coaching Conference comes a-live