Polonia Beat Wessex in Sole Super 8 Fixture on Saturday

14th November 2016

Polonia Beat Wessex in Sole Super 8 Fixture on Saturday

It was a busy weekend for the Polonia Ladies as they faced Wessex VC in their Super 8 league game on Saturday and Solent Ladies on Sunday, in their first National Cup game this season. The first two home games were a big success for Polonia SideOut as they took two comfortable wins 3-1 and 3-0.

In their first game of the weekend, Polonia started playing very confidently and showed some amazing plays in the first set against Wessex. Starting off 9-6 ahead, they lead their opponents by 2/3 points throughout the entire set, and they managed to close it 25-18 quite firmly.

The second set saw a very similar scenario to the first one, with Wessex Ladies trying to find their way through the game. They started putting more pressure on Polonia by serving very well, but the home team did not let them take control of the game and closed the set 25-18 again.

In the third set Polonia SideOut did not start as well as the previous sets. With changes done by coach Mark Kontopolous, they felt less confident in their hitting and Wessex Ladies took advantage of it with a very good defence and transition plays. The home team was lead 11-5 and managed to come back 19-18 but Wessex took their chance and took the set away by closing it 25-22.

However, Polonia Ladies wanted to show that they were the ones in control of the game and started the fourth set very strongly. With strong serves and hitting solotions, Polonia found their way back in the game and lead the beginning of the set by only a few points (9-5, 12-9), to then increase this distance by more points leading 22-13. Wessex tried one last time to come back, but the home team closed the game 25-19 after a well fought last point.

Next weekend is another home game for Polonia SideOut, who will face City of Salford for the first time this season. 

Polonia Beat Wessex in Sole Super 8 Fixture on Saturday