Calendar for 2018/19 volleyball season released

17th May 2018

Calendar for 2018/19 volleyball season released

The competitions and events calendar for the 2018/19 volleyball season has been published.

The calendar, which is the full schedule of events organised by Volleyball England, is available here.

Competitions are an important part of what the national governing body offers and the schedule is again busy with events across all disciplines and for junior and senior players.

The new season will see some innovation. The launch of the Super League will see an exciting split-league format at the top of women’s and men’s volleyball. The top ten teams will play each other once in the run up to Christmas, before the divisions will be split into the top five and bottom five. The teams in each section will then play each other twice as they battle it out for the top five and bottom five places in the overall league standings.

The new format should see more competitive matches and pressure games right until the end of the campaign. To find out more about the split-league system, read the article explaining why it has been introduced.

The competitions calendar will now be sent to all National Volleyball League teams so they can feedback on available dates for their fixtures. This needs to be completed and returned by Wednesday 23rd May 2018 so the full NVL fixtures for the season can be produced.

Another notable change is to the Under 15 championships, which will now follow the same format as the U16 and U18 National Championships. The Under 15 competition will begin with a preliminary round in January and played out over five rounds in total. In recent years, the competition had just three rounds: regional, divisional and national.

“As we communicated to the membership in June 2017, we are going to test a new format for the Under 15 championship,” says Freda Bussey, the Competitions and Events Director. “With more rounds, better teams can enter later into the competition, meaning the teams in the opening rounds will enjoy more competitive matches, which will hopefully increase their enjoyment and encourage them to develop their interest and passion for volleyball.”

The changes were made after feedback and it was felt that the previous format of the competition was not doing enough to help develop young volleyball talent.

“Before making any changes, there was a consultation with the teams. Most clubs gave feedback and expressed a desire to try something new. The teams supported having more closely-fought games so it would be a more enjoyable experience for players of all abilities,” says Freda.

The Under 15 is the youngest junior competition run by the national governing body and there is still the vision to develop volleyball with even younger age groups.

“The regions are also encouraged to continue to develop volleyball for the Under 14 age group," says Freda. "It would help players get hooked on the sport at a younger age and increase the number of players coming through to senior level. The goal would be for the regions to run Under 14 competitions and then for Volleyball England to host an Under 14 championships national final.”

Further consultation on all junior competitions will occur through a project called “Volleyball Futures”. Everyone will be encouraged to give feedback to help the development of all junior competitions. 

Developing a competitions calendar is a key part of the service Volleyball England provides. Supported by the HUB staff, the competitions working group are a collection of volunteers who work to arrange all the Volleyball England events. Anyone who is interested in helping to develop competitions and plan for the 2019/20 schedule, please contact the competitions working group

Calendar for 2018/19 volleyball season released