How do coaches and refs benefit from membership?

24th August 2018

How do coaches and refs benefit from membership?

It’s the mission of any sport’s national governing body to create opportunities for people to enjoy the sport and develop their skills. Passion for volleyball comes in many different forms and it takes people to come together in a variety of roles to deliver volleyball across the country.

Coaches and referees are two of the biggest groups in the volleyball community. Each has an individual membership which are currently open for renewals for the 2018-19 season. Membership for each is just £41 this year but the true value of being registered is that Volleyball England can support your journey in volleyball and you can help to have a positive impact on the whole sport. 

The three types of benefit

Registering as a coach or official sees members benefit in three types of ways: your experience, your development and being part of the referee or coaching community.

Your experience:

Being registered gives coaches and referees access to Volleyball England competitions. There is a packed schedule for the 2018-19 season across all three disciplines of the sport. From the Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix, the Volleyball England Beach Tour, National Volleyball League, junior competitions and international events – membership means you’re eligible to coach or referee in these events.

It doesn’t matter what level of the sport referees or coaches get involved in, every member gains free insurance up to a value of £5m while they are refereeing or coaching. Hopefully, you will never need it! However, it gives peace of mind – to yourself and any clubs or organisations that you’re involved in – that should an accident happen you can get help. 

Coaches also are eligible for free Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. Clubs which take safeguarding seriously are always advised to get their volunteers DBS checked and Volleyball England will pay for this to be done for any registered coach who is eligible.

In sport, looking the part always helps to give you the confidence to perform at your best. Registered referees can buy official referee kit including clothing, whistles, flags and the Volleyball England referee badge.

Your development:

Getting into coaching or refereeing is often part of a long ‘career’ in volleyball. An important part of registration is supporting the continued development of referees and coaches.

All registered referees gain access to the VE Officials Academy – the online learning platform so officials can enhance their knowledge of all the latest rules and regulations. It’s easy to access and evidently to be a good referee you need to keep up to date with the rules! Without being registered, a referee can fall out of touch with the latest regulations.

As part of their registration, coaches gain access to a heavily discounted subscription to the Art of Coaching Volleyball – a fantastic resource for all coaches. It is packed with coaching videos, drills, and exercises, as well as expert advice on nutrition, psychology and coaching philosophies. There are lots of training sessions and drills coaches can use at their own clubs.

Both coaches and referees also get the chance to improve their knowledge as each group has an annual conference. These conferences are exclusively for members and feature workshops, seminars and opportunities to network. 

Being part of the community:

Registering means that you are part of a group that can help drive the agenda for referees or coaches, as well as being a positive influence within the wider volleyball community.

As an organisation, Volleyball England extends way beyond the board and HUB with sub groups and working groups a key part of the national governing body. Led by volunteers, the Coaching Working Group and Officials Working Group lead on the work in their area of expertise and ensure the views of the referees and coaches have an impact on decision making. By being part of the coaching or officials community, it ensures your views are represented and that you can help to be part of the collective that will drive the sport forward. 

Each community has a newsletter to keep referees and coaches up to date of the latest news and information. 

Being a part of the community also comes with perks too. Members gain discounts and offers on products from the Volleyball England shop, as well as discounts on equipment and kit from partners and acess to the fantastic benefits scheme Aon Plus which gives members brilliant discounts at leading brands. 

If you’re a qualified coach or referee (of any level), renew your membership for the 2018-19 season now and gain access to your benefits.

How do coaches and refs benefit from membership?