Another new sitting volleyball club!

11th September 2018

Another new sitting volleyball club!

The word that sitting volleyball is an energetic, thrilling and inclusive sport is spreading.

Following the news last month of a brand new sitting volleyball club springing up in Buckinghamshire, a new club has now been created in the north of the country.

City of Salford Volleyball Club has set up its own sitting volleyball club and following a brilliant turn out at their first session last week, plan to enter the Volleyball England Sitting Grand Prix.

“Having been contacted asking if the club knew of any sitting volleyball in the region and not being able to provide an answer, City of Salford looked to set up its own sessions,” explains Phil Chanin, the club’s chairman.

Collaborating with local ex-services and veterans’ groups, the club set up ‘try-it sessions’ which anybody could take part in. The club promoted the sessions with posters around Salford, on local and regional volleyball Facebook pages, and military veterans’ sites, as well as asking the Salford Sports Development team to publicise them too.

It worked – as the first session last week attracted nearly enough players to have a full match. Eleven people, including a mix of those with and without a disability, enjoyed the session and the club plans to make sitting volleyball a permanent part of their offering.

“The intention is to provide a fun coaching environment that is open to those who wish to give sitting volleyball a try,” says Phil. “The sessions are totally inclusive and work with beginners and experienced players.”

So anyone in the North West region who fancies giving the sport a go is encouraged to go along! The sessions take place on Tuesdays at 7:00pm – 8:30pm at the Irlam and Cadishead Leisure Centre, Liverpool Road, Irlam, M44 6BR. For more information you can call Salford Volleyball Club on 07974 75297.

The story underlines just how accessible sitting volleyball is. The sessions use equipment already provided by the club and the Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix welcomes new teams of all abilities. There are five grand prix events throughout the season, where teams play multiple matches, before the top ranked teams go through to the semi-finals. Teams do not even need to commit to entering all events, they can give just one a go to begin with.  

Any teams interested in taking part, need to complete and return the application form as soon as possible.

Another new sitting volleyball club!