A message to the membership

21st December 2018

A message to the membership

With Christmas nearly here, Volleyball England CEO Janet Inman has a message for the membership...

As we approach the end of 2018, it is with a sense of satisfaction and pride we can all look back on a year that has in many respects been challenging, but positive.

I want to start by thanking each one of you for being part of our volleyball family. I appreciate your great work, commitment and dedication, which have been integral to the progress and success of the last 12 months.  

The last year has been a challenge to refresh and be compliant with the new Sport England Code of Governance, to reshape the business and delivery structure, while continuing to deliver services to our members that you expect and deserve.

The challenge we face is that we live in a constantly and rapidly changing environment, where once we did ‘sport for sports sake’ now there are other factors linked to the health and wellbeing agenda that drive the funding. Throughout this difficult period, we have achieved so much that I am particularly proud of and even more so to have done it on the back of our consistent strong values and high-quality service.

But as we move forward we know we must have the courage and conviction to do things differently. We know that the heady days of 2012 will never return, and that the government will continue to reduce the funding directly to all sports in favour of the ‘Get Active’ agenda. This sees money given to a wider number of projects which get people active, such as Park Run, rather than to sports.

We have also seen large brands fail in this tough economic climate and we’re faced with the uncertainty of Brexit.

We must ask what does all this mean for volleyball? How do we evolve and change, because we must if we want to continue to offer a quality volleyball experience that is accessible across England? We will need to be brave, innovative and be prepared to hold our nerve and lead the way for the future of sport.

In the new year, we will be sharing our vision for the future. We will engage more closely with you as individual members as we want to understand what you want from our sport and the only way to do this is to ask you directly, because ‘one size fits all’ really doesn’t work for volleyball, the needs of local grassroots clubs are very different from those of our NVL teams.

We also need to work more closely with you to develop our workforce, not just the 15 souls in the HUB but the thousands of passionate and dedicated volunteers that deliver volleyball every day, 52 weeks a year’ across the country.

As we come to the end of 2018 and head into the Christmas holiday, I am thankful for this wonderful sport and the group of people I am proud to call my volleyball family. I know we will be faced with challenges in 2019 but with your support I know we will overcome them.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year, filled with success, happiness, good health and plenty of exciting volleyball.

A message to the membership