Change of venue for Inter Regional Championships

10th May 2019

Change of venue for Inter Regional Championships

This month’s Inter Regional Championships will take place at two new venues after exceptional circumstances forced a change of venue.

The Under 17 event will be hosted at the University of Warwick, with the Under 15 competition taking place at the University of Leicester over the bank holiday weekend of May 25-27, 2019.

The National Volleyball Centre in Kettering was set to host again this year, but the arena has been requisitioned by the local government to be used for voting in the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections, which take place on the same weekend as the Inter Regional Championships.

This was out of the control of Volleyball England and Arena Sports Kettering, as local government has the authority to use any venue it chooses for electoral voting and can mandate that other bookings are cancelled. Britain was also not set to vote in the European elections but uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the deadline extension granted by the EU means the country is expected to head to the polling stations.

While the cancellation came at very short notice, the competitions team have been in contact with the Regional Working Group Lead Bryan Youlden and all the regional chairs, and have worked hard to find an alternative venue to ensure the Inter Regionals Championships would still go ahead, as scheduled, on the bank holiday weekend.

The two university sports halls are recognised volleyball venues, with the Under 15 competition being hosted at the University of Leicester, while the Under 17 competition will take place in the University of Warwick’s brand-new sports facility. Each venue is able to accomodate the use of two courts and will see the girls’ competitions played for on Saturday and Sunday morning, while the boys will follow on Sunday afternoon and reach the finals stages on bank holiday Monday.

“Having to deal with such a late cancellation has been a real challenge, but the most important thing is that the players and teams will get to compete in the Inter Regional Championships over the bank holiday weekend,” says Jonathan Moore, Volleyball England’s Competition and Events Coordinator. “We’ve been in contact with the regions and have worked hard to find to suitable venues and are really pleased with the University of Leicester and University of Warwick. 

“With the Inter Regionals being such a big event, it was extremely unlikely that we would find a four-court venue that was available to host the whole event at this late stage. The aim was to find two venues under an hour’s travel from Kettering so that the event is still in a central location in the country and is also possible for people to stay at the Holiday Inn in Kettering, where the volleyball community receives a preferential rate.

“There have been extra costs incurred to put the event on and for the teams to participate, but everybody has been committed to giving these young players the platform to compete. When we discussed it with the regions, they said it was preferable to keep the event on that bank holiday weekend, rather than inflict larger costs and inconvenience by moving the competition to another date.

“The HUB team are grateful for the support of the regions, officials and volunteers. Everyone has had to come together to overcome a threat to the event and I know everyone will be looking forward to another brilliant weekend of volleyball.”

The Competitions team have emailed all the information about the competitions to the regional squads.

The Inter Regional Championships will take place over the bank holiday weekend of May 25-27th, 2019.

Change of venue for Inter Regional Championships