VolleyZone’s initial introduction to volleyball community

6th June 2019

VolleyZone’s initial introduction to volleyball community

VolleyZone – the new online platform from Volleyball England – has had its initial introduction to the volleyball community.

As the first stage of the portal’s implementation, registrations to the National Volleyball League for the upcoming 2019/20 season will be managed through the system.   

Each NVL club has been created a profile and emailed with instructions about how to use VolleyZone to complete their registration.

“This is the very first stage of introducing VolleyZone to the volleyball community,” says Volleyball England’s Core Market Officer Sam Jamieson. “The system will undergo a staged implementation starting with the NVL and moving on to the wider volleyball community and anyone who wishes to follow our sport. 

“Utilising VolleyZone for the NVL registrations will make the process more efficient and streamlined for the HUB and all of the teams. Using technology to make improvements is a key part of Volleyball England’s drive to become better connected to the community and more sustainable. Of course, there will be glitches along the way, but it is an exciting time as VolleyZone begins to become an asset to the volleyball community.”

NVL registrations

Each NVL club has been emailed instructions, including how-to guides, about how to use VolleyZone to complete and pay for their 2019/20 season registration. The email has been distributed to the Club Chair, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Team Admin and Secondary Team Contact of every NVL team.

NVL teams need to register for the season by Monday 24th June and complete a fixture survey by Friday 14th June. Any teams that are having problems with registering are encouraged to contact the HUB on 01509 227722.

What’s VolleyZone?

As Volleyball England strives to be better connected to the volleyball community and be more efficient in the way it operates it services, better technology will play an important role.

VolleyZone is a new online platform where you will be able to access resources and services, as well as administrate your volleyball activities and clubs. It will allow anyone who is interested in the sport to sign up so that Volleyball England gains a better understanding of who is part of the volleyball community and how it can support them. The system is only currently open to NVL teams as it is still being developed but will become the home for volleyball services.

You can read more about VolleyZone and why it is being introduced.

VolleyZone’s initial introduction to volleyball community