Cadet girls gain vital experience in Sardinia

3rd July 2019

Cadet girls gain vital experience in Sardinia

The England Cadet girls headed to Italy last weekend to compete in the Sardegna Volleyball Challenge.

As well as the pride of representing their country, it gave the team vital tournament experience against high quality opposition - and the honour of winning in an England shirt! 

Here the team provided a report of the three matches they played: 

Match vs Russia
Score 0-3 (8:25,15:25, 7:25)

Our match against Russia was a difficult and exciting challenge. After a hard start in the first set, we calmed down a little and played hard in the second set. Although we lost, it was a great learning experience for us to take on a world class team of this age group. It has definitely improved us as a team and it’s amazing to play against such great competition!

Match vs Berlin
Score 1-3 (27:29, 25:21,22:25,13:25)

Our match against Berlin was a tough one to start with. Yet on each set we pulled it back, putting pressure on the opposition, however we still lost 3-1. After a long first set, that was awarded to Berlin, we came fighting back to take the second set. This lifted our game entirely. Continuing on, we felt that we dealt well with their variety of hitting choices and we adapted into defending these. Especially with Berlin’s strong opposite player hitting hard cross, we adapted our defence systems to this with managing to get a touch on most occasions.

In addition, it was a great game to learn from as each player had to focus on many things. For example, watching for the tip when the setter was front court to then go into our defensive positions. Even though we lost, the teams were evenly matched in relation to each players abilities and this was shown through our second set gameplay.

Match vs Gymland, Italy
Score 3-1 (13:25, 25:17, 25:15, 25:20)
The Italian match started off strong for us during the first few points, however after one server we began to lose confidence. Due to losing confidence, we lost the set but then started the second set strong. We gained an early lead causing us to regain confidence and increase our variety of play. During the second and third sets we continued to play well as a team, leading to winning them both. Within the second and third sets both Katie Keefe (captain) and Frankie Frize (vice captain) continued to hit well.

Overall, it was clear we had strong points and play in the game, including our block defence through two, our defensive systems and our transitioning off the net after defending. This match was a positive result to finish the tournament for England!

England Cadet Girls U16 Team
Katie Keefe (captain)
Frankie Frize (vice captain)
Emilia Vakeva-Baird
Megan Grinyer
Amelia Fumpston
Sylvie Stokes
Maddie Monteiro
Izzy Brown
Sadie Boardman
Hannah Hardwick
Lucy Knott
Lisa Canevari

Cadet girls gain vital experience in Sardinia