Annual Report Snippet: Competitions

5th July 2019

Annual Report Snippet: Competitions

In this year's Volleyball England Annual Report, Volleyball England's Competitions and Events Coordinator Jonathan Moore reflects that competitions needs to find a new approach to keep delivering highlights to so many players...

This year has proved once again the positive impact competitions have on the volleyball community, but I feel we are at a crossroads with the competitions.

Volleyball England has continued to deliver fantastic competitions this season to the benefit of over 4000 players and hundreds of coaches, referees and volunteers.

We have focused on providing value to the membership and have taken steps to find new ways of working and streamline spending on events to make them more sustainable. We are, however, reaching the limit on what cost savings are available and practical.

When considering the full delivery costs of Volleyball England’s competitions and events, income doesn’t cover expenditure. With funding from Sport England to be reduced next year, the options available are to cancel certain events – which is not something we want to do – or find new ways of generating income and lowering costs for competitions, if we are going to be able to still deliver the events that the membership want.

As central funding for sport declines, Volleyball England needs to evolve to become more self sustaining. Most sports federations use their events to generate income to allow the federation to fund other activity, whereas Volleyball England is currently making a loss on competitions and events. We need to change the approach.

Moving competitions and events around the country is one way of making them more accessible to the membership. We have been through successive tender processes for the National Cup Finals but have not been able to secure a different location, which means that we will continue to utilise the National Volleyball Centre, Kettering, for the Cup Finals.

The National Volleyball Centre is often criticised, but I can assure members that it represents value for money for Volleyball England and the membership. Cheaper venues that offer the same number of courts and flexibility to set-up for different events do not exist. Volleyball England chose to continue its relationship with the National Volleyball Centre until end of May 2021, meaning we can continue to deliver competitions centrally for the next few years.

Delivering great competitions remains a top priority and we want to see the volleyball community produce more highlights like this year.

In the full Competitions Report, Jonathan gives an extensive round-up of the highlights - you can read his report by downloading the Volleyball England Annual Report in full. 

Annual Report Snippet: Competitions