Club Survey 2019 now open

3rd July 2019

Club Survey 2019 now open

Affiliated clubs are being asked to give their opinions on Volleyball England in the Club Survey 2019.

Each secretary of every registered club has been sent a link to the survey so they can share their views on behalf of their club.

The Club Survey 2019 is aiming to build on the feedback from last year’s club survey which saw Volleyball England make improvements to a wide range of services.

The impact of the survey

The results of the Club Survey 2018 revealed that the membership rated Volleyball England’s level of service as 5.53 out of 10. It also highlighted the top three areas for improvement: membership services, funding service and communication.

“Last year’s survey provided really valuable insight which saw us make a range of improvements for the clubs,” says Volleyball England CEO Janet Inman. “The aim for the Club Survey 2019 is see how we measure up against last year’s benchmarks and gain further insight about which areas we need to prioritise moving forward.”

The membership service for clubs was bolstered by a new insurance package which gives clubs excellent cover, access to the benefits package AON Plus and made it easier for clubs to download their documents using the online portal. While Volleyball England stepped up its drive to provide the membership with advice and guidance including GDPR advice and template resources, a guide to using Club Matters – Sport England’s expert advice on running sports clubs and the Club Funding Guide.

This culminated in the development of the Club Conference which will take place before the AGM on Saturday 27th July. The event will see clubs benefit from expert workshops on five areas of club management: marketing your club, developing a junior section, venues and business practice, club funding and building a brilliant website for free. These workshop topics were chosen based on what members said they felt they needed more support on in the club survey.

The news on the Volleyball England website has also delved into more topics that can help members, including the mental attributes of playing volleyball and the volleyball fundamentals, as well as including more stories about clubs as grassroots level.  

The HUB is providing more support on Club Funding too. As well as club funding being one of the expert workshops at the Club Conference, the Club Funding Guide – which gives a host of advice about where to find funding – is available as a free download from the Volleyball England website. Members also have the benefit of the Funding Support service, where the HUB will check over any bids and provide advice and feedback. This year saw two clubs successfully awarded over £10,000 between them – highlighting how valuable the service is.

Delivering the values

As well as providing more support for members, Volleyball England has been committed to communicating better following feedback from last year’s survey. This was implemented immediately with the volleyball community receiving a tailored guide about what membership offers. Club secretaries have also received regular direct email throughout the year with information, advice and news.

As well as endeavouring to deliver clearer messages in a timely fashion, Volleyball England has also strived to consistently to deliver on its value of openness. It has published articles explained the rationale behind difficult decisions, such as choosing not to host the NEVZA youth championships, the change of venue for the Inter Regionals and the Tier 4 visa issue.

Club Survey 2019 now open