Player registration to be introduced for all VE competitions

23rd July 2019

Player registration to be introduced for all VE competitions

As protecting the long-term sustainability of volleyball in England is the number one priority for the association, Volleyball England is taking important steps to ensure it continues to deliver national-level competitions.

In the face of a drop in central funding, Volleyball England is aiming to protect the sustainability of its competitions by introducing an individual player registration fee for more of its competitions. Many of the competitions currently operate at a deficit and cannot continue to be subsidised to the same level.

The 2019/20 season will see players in age-group competitions, the Student Cup and Sitting Volleyball competitions required to pay an annual registration fee to compete.

National Volleyball League and those playing competitive beach volleyball already pay a player registration, so the new registrations will mean that everyone who is competing at national level is contributing to the future of the sport.

“Volleyball England’s top priority in delivering quality competitions is giving as many different opportunities for people to enjoy competitive volleyball,” says Volleyball England director Freda Bussey. “However, we have to work within our financial constraints. Many of our competitions currently operate at a loss and with a £136k reduction in central funding coming next year, we need to take steps make the competition structure more sustainable.

“The volleyball community are our customers and we know the competitions, delivered at national level, are fantastic products and will continue to provide an excellent value for money service.

“Volleyball England is dedicated to doing what is best for the sport and those who make volleyball what it is – our volleyball community. It is clear how much the competitions are a valued service – we want to ensure that continues for the long-term future of the sport in England.” 

Over 4000 players benefitted as Volleyball England provided over 15 competitions last season, delivering competitive volleyball for a wide diverse range of players, from under 15 level to the National Volleyball League, which has 15 divisions.

The competition fees 2019/20

Each of the player registrations are paid once per season and gives a player eligibility to enter any event of the category type.

The Student Cup registration covers a player for all rounds of the competition. While the Sitting Volleyball registration means a player is eligible for all sitting volleyball events throughout the season, including all Grand Prix events and the Cup/Shield. The age-group registration provides eligibility to play in all age-group competitions, including the U15, U16, U18, Inter Regional championships.

The player registration fees for the 2019/20 season will be:

Age-group competitions: £15 per player

Student Cup: £10 per player

Sitting volleyball competitions: £25 per player

As they are separate competitions with many matches, the age-group registration will not cover junior players to compete in the National Volleyball League – they will need to pay the Junior player NVL registration to play in the national league. 

“Competitions remain hugely important for the association,” says Volleyball England Competition Lead James Murphy. “So many people benefit from Volleyball England competitions and these opportunities are often what help to motivate and drive people in the sport. Introducing player registrations across all competitions is fundamentally because there is no longer the level of subsidy available.”

“While the new fees will not completely cover the costs of all our competitions, it will help to support their sustainability,” says Janet Inman, Volleyball England CEO. “Whenever a financial surplus is generated on any Volleyball England product, the money goes back into maintaining and developing the sport.”

The income generated for age-group competitions, Student Cup and sitting volleyball competitions comes from team entries fees which are always priced to encourage as many teams to compete as possible. The figures from last year underlines how these competitions have been subsidised:

Youth competitions (U15, U16, U18, Inter regionals):
Income: £6,486
Expenditure: £26,348

Student Cup:
Income: £14,832
Expenditure: £18,253

Sitting volleyball (All Grand Prixes and National Cup):
Income: £3,120
Expenditure: £14,714

To deliver national-level competitions, Volleyball England has to meet the costs of providing venues, qualified referees, all the equipment, competition administration, staff time, volunteer expenses, finals events, and other additional costs.  

In many other sports, National Governing Bodies require a player registration fee and generates income that is invested into maintenance and development of other essential areas of the sport. The new player registration fees have the potential to contribute over £25,000 towards the cost of delivering competitions.

“A huge amount of work and expense goes into delivering quality competitions,” says Janet. “We will continue delivering high-quality competitions at great value to the volleyball community.”

The player registration fees will launch with the team entry for the relevant competition. Volleyball England will communicate with teams and players how to complete their player registration and ensure they can enjoy Volleyball England competitions for the 2019/20 season.

Player registration to be introduced for all VE competitions