The Club Survey: the early findings

16th August 2019

The Club Survey: the early findings

The deadline for completing the Club Survey of Friday 23rd August is getting near and lots of clubs have already shared their views. Any clubs secretaries that have not completed the short survey are encouraged to do so before the deadline and will be sent a reminder about the survey shortly.

The survey has been sent to the secretary of each registered club to get their views on the service Volleyball England provides on behalf of their clubs.

The 2018 Club Survey helped gauge the thoughts of the membership and set the agenda for how Volleyball England developed its service in the last 12 months. You can read more about how last year’s survey lead to improvements in services.

The initial results from the Club Survey 2019 make interesting reading about club’s perception of Volleyball England have changed over 12 months and the areas the membership would like to see improved.

Club Survey 2019 initial findings

The headline finding so far is that overall level of satisfaction with Volleyball England for the Club Survey 2019 is currently 6.87 out of 10, which is a significant improvement from 5.53 in last year’s survey.

18.84% of respondents stated they felt the level of service had improved, 63.77% said the service level had stayed the same and only 8.7% felt service had deteriorated. The other 8.7% were new clubs so couldn’t compare the service level to last year.

The top three things so far that secretaries think Volleyball England does well are:

  1. Communication
  2. Competition administration
  3. Operating with limited resources

The top three things so far clubs feel Volleyball England doesn’t do well are:

  1. Support the grassroots level of the sport
  2. Build the profile of the sport
  3. Provide access to courses             3. Communication

The top three areas so far clubs would like to see improved are:

  1. Support and develop the grassroots level of volleyball
  2. Provide access to courses
  3. Help with funding

The Club Conference 2019, which was inspired from the results of the 2018 Club Survey, received positive reviews on the event which provided expertise support and advice on different areas of club development.  

The final results will be analysed and published shortly after the deadline of Friday 23rd August, which gives all club secretaries the chance to give their views.

The Club Survey: the early findings