The key to gameplay: Volleyball Fundamentals

19th September 2019

The key to gameplay: Volleyball Fundamentals

Sharing expertise on how to best develop talent – that’s what the Volleyball Futures programme is all about.

After launching last year, the programme is now opening to all clubs and coaches. Focusing on the latest thinking on talent development, there will be a camp on Saturday 26th October with separate development workshops for athletes and coaches. The weekend will also see the launch of Primary Volleyball – the new approach to introducing volleyball to children under 11.

One of the foundation of player development that coaches and players will learn about at the camp are the Volleyball Fundamentals. The latest expertise, these are what are identified as the key stages of gameplay that are the bedrock of a volleyball performance.

Here we take a look at what the Volleyball Fundamentals are…

The Volleyball Fundamentals

Volleyball is not just the relentless repetition of skills – it’s about being able to use these skills in match situations. The Volleyball Fundamentals capture these vital situations and works to equips players with technical ability in the right moments of gameplay.

First introduced on Volleyball England Level 1 Introduction to Coaching Volleyball course, the four Volleyball Fundamentals are:

Ready for action

This looks at the phase of play when a player is getting into their base position on court. This fundamental area focuses on a player’s position, posture, ability to read what is going to happen and how they decide what they’re going to do.

Right time, right place

This fundamental is centred on getting players in position, balanced and ready to play the ball. It looks at judging ball flight, movement and timing.

Ball control

This is the phase of play when a player contacts the ball. This fundamental explores how a player prepares to play the ball, how to make the right contact and how to use the whole body to apply the desired force to the ball.

Finish, link and reset

This fundamental area covers how a player completes an action mentally and physically, how the player acts in a way that links to the rest of the team and then how the player recovers to get back to the base position ready to start again.

"The ability of volleyball players to successfully read the game and grasp tactically what to do and technically how to do it, is integral to playing volleyball," says Gillian Harrison, Volleyball England's Technical and Talent coordinator. "The fundamentals framework is a simple tool to help coaches structure what they teach their players when it comes to the core skills."

To take part in the Volleyball Futures camp, find out about the athletes camp (for players born in 2006 or later), the coaching clinic on how best to develop players or Primary Volleyball – how to introduce players under 11 to volleyball – find our more by clicking here.

The key to gameplay: Volleyball Fundamentals