Stewart Dunne to leave COO role at Volleyball England

24th September 2019

Stewart Dunne to leave COO role at Volleyball England

Chief Operating Officer Stewart Dunne is to leave his role at Volleyball England at the end of this month.

Following a restructure of the senior management team, Stewart is moving on after nearly three years at the HUB which saw the organisation overcome many challenges. With Janet Inman stepping down from her role as CEO in October, Volleyball England will be led by the newly-appointed CEO Sue Storey and Deputy CEO Sam Jamieson.

Following his service, Stewart’s colleagues and the Volleyball England board thanked him for all his efforts, particularly through a difficult time for the organisation.

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Stewart,” said Janet Inman CEO. “He has been a real asset to the Hub team and the sport. His motivation, focus, insight and integrity has been an example to us all. He is respected by all who come into contact with him, both nationally and internationally.”

“Stewart joined us in 2016 when the organisation was going through significant change, including a whole business restructure, which Stewart made a significant contribution to. Over the last 3 years Stewart has helped reshape the organisation making efficiencies and transforming our financial process. Without his due diligence, dedication, hard work and professionalism we would not be in the positive position we are in today.”

The Board echoed their thanks to Stewart too. Chairman Adam Walker said: “We are all extremely fortunate to have worked alongside Stewart. The Board would like to express their gratitude for his dedication and leadership during this very challenging period. We would like to wish him well in the future, but know he will remain a member of our volleyball family, continuing to support volleyball in the South East.”

The Acting President in 2016 Keith Nicholls wanted to add his thanks “On behalf of all those involved in volleyball I would like to thank Stewart for his commitment and service and wish him well for the future.” 

Stewart Dunne to leave COO role at Volleyball England