Registering players for Junior National Championships

8th November 2019

Registering players for Junior National Championships

With the Volleyball England Junior National Championships set to begin this weekend, teams are being reminded on how they can register their junior players to play.

Each player who competes needs to have Junior Player Registration to be eligible to play and this is purchased through VolleyZone.

The registration fee of £15 covers a player for the 2019-20 season. So no matter what age group (U15, U16, U18 or inter regional championships) players compete at or how many rounds they play, there will be no additional registration fees.

All players need Junior Player Registration to take part – entry is not covered by Junior NVL registration, which is only for the National Volleyball League.

Player registration has been introduced this season as Volleyball England aims to protect the sustainability of these fantastic competitions and was reflected shortly after it was announced, in the feature ‘Player Registration: why it’s needed’.

As teams get ready to give their juniors experience of competitive volleyball at a national level, here is a reminder on how to register your players:

How to register junior players

Each junior player needs to have an account on VolleyZone and purchase junior player registration. This account can be created by the player’s parent or guardian.

A series of helpful tutorial videos have been produced to take you through each step:

  1. Registering as a new user or Activating your account (for those that had an account on the Volleyball England website)
  2. Complete the player profile
  3. Getting your Junior Player Registration

There is also a word document, which was sent to junior clubs, which also outlines the steps. You can access it here.

Once you’ve registered

On your personal profile you will see a green box at the top of the page stating ‘Junior Competition Registered Player’. 

You will also receive a confirmation email.

While clubs are able to look through the list of their players and see who has registered. In the squad list, under the ‘Active’ column, players who have registered will have ‘Yes’ in this column.

Volleyball England checking eligibility

All players need to be registered before taking part in the Junior National Championships. As this is a new process, Volleyball England understands there may need to be flexibility and is eager to help teams to complete the registration process and provide any support required.

Need help?

Volleyball England wants to help make the registration process easy so please contact the HUB on 01509 227722 or 

Registering players for Junior National Championships