VolleyZone FAQs

13th November 2019

VolleyZone FAQs

VolleyZone - the online portal for the volleyball community - is where you can assign yourself to teams, purchase memberships, enter competitions, get your player registrations and manage your teams. 

The latest article on the website 'VolleyZone: what's the aim?' explores how there have been challenges with implementing the system but the goal for the system is to make a big impact on the volleyball community. 

If you require support with VolleyZone, there are the VolleyZone video guides, you can call the hub on 01509 227722 and here we visit some Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why can I not access any functions on VolleyZone?

Before accessing services, joining teams and using the other functions on VolleyZone, you need to complete your profile. This is more than just creating your profile under your name. You need to submit your details and upload a passport-style profile picture. VolleyZone will remain on your personal profile until it is complete. If you try to access other functions, a bar at the top of the screen will state that you need to complete your profile first.

How do I leave or join a team?

Once you’ve logged into your account, click ‘Team Information’, then ‘My Teams’. Here you will see any teams that you are currently associated with. To leave any teams, click ‘Leave’ in the actions column this will send a leave request to the team secretary, once they have confirmed you will no longer be an active member of that team.

On the ‘My Teams’ page you can click the ‘Join Team’ button at the top of the screen. You can then search for teams. It is important that when finding your team you check the brackets after the name, which tell you if it is an NVL team, what gender it is, or if it is a junior club. When you have found the right team, you can click to send a join team request. Once approved by the team secretary, you will be confirmed as an active member of that team.

If you have joined the wrong team, you can follow the leave process and then join your right team.

The NVL Player Registration video takes you through this process, watch it from 2:30-6.10.

What is my Federation of origin?

This is the country you first started playing volleyball in – not necessarily your nationality.

If you have had an account with Volleyball England previously and you activated your VolleyZone account by resetting your password, the Federation of Origin will be already set for you. If you create a new account by clicking ‘Register Now’, you will need to set your Federation of Origin when you complete your personal details.

If your Federation of Origin is not England, you will require an international transfer. This does not cost anything but requires you to complete an administrative process of the FIVB. There is a PDF guide on International Transfers on the Volleyball England website.

Where can I find list of NVL squads?

This development is very near to being launched and is in the testing phase. Once live, squad lists will be available on the Volleyball England website. The player information will be pulled through from VolleyZone and displayed when clicking on team names on the NVL League pages.

Where can I find my opponents contact details?

Team secretaries have the access rights to find NVL opponents contact details. Once assigned as the team secretary, click ‘Team Information’ on the left-hand tab. Then select ‘My Opponents’, you will be able to find contact details for all your opponents here.

What does pending NGB approval means?

If your affiliation status reads this, then you are still required to complete your international transfer. Once you have completed the process and it has been signed off by Volleyball England, the status will change to ‘approved’.

Why have I received an Error 404 message?

If you receive an error message, please report it to competitions@volleyballengland.org

For a host of tutorial videos on the system, check out the VolleyZone guides on the website.

VolleyZone FAQs