FAQ: Volleyball England and the coronavirus

18th May 2020

FAQ: Volleyball England and the coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is having an unprecedented impact on the activity of Volleyball England.

We’re working as fast as we can to provide solutions to some of the problems that have surfaced as a result and, following government advice, have included a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. This page will be regularly updated.


What's the best way to contact the Hub team?

To help to protect the governing body and volleyball in this country, Volleyball England has furloughed some members of staff for varying periods of time through the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. This means that, until the end of June, Hub staff levels will be down by at least 20%. To help guide your query to a member of staff who will be able to help, we would please ask that, in the first instance, you contact info@volleyballengland.org.

For staff who are continuing to work, they will be doing so from home and therefore will not have access to the main office phoneline.


Following new government guidance that people can go outside for more than once a day for exercise, who can I play volleyball with?

In England, recreational volleyball can be played outdoors between members of the same household. 

Individual players may also meet with 1 person from another household to practise, train or for coaching outdoors as long as they stay 2 metres apart. We are advising that, in this case, both individuals should follow strict hand hygiene by washing their hands and their volleyball equipment before and after practise.

Vulnerable adults and those under the age of 18 should not meet someone from another household for coaching because a third person cannot be present for safeguarding due to social distancing requirements.

Members and affiliated clubs based outside of England should heed the advice of their devolved administrations.

Please seek instructions from your ball manufacturer on how they should be cleaned. Instructions for 2 of the most common makes are listed below. 


Does that mean that outdoor volleyball facilities can now open? 

Most outdoor sports facilities, such as beach volleyball courts, can reopen if those responsible for them are ready and can do so safely, following public health guidance. This decision is for facility managers to make when they are ready.

Please read the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s detailed guidance for more information on what to consider when re-opening outdoor sports facilities.


When will indoor facilities open?

The government was clear that its new guidance only applies to outdoor sporting activities, where the risk of transmitting coronavirus is significantly lower. Apart from toilets and throughways, indoor facilities should be kept closed.

The government has said that reopening spaces such as leisure facilities may only be fully possible “significantly later”. This will depend on the reduction in the numbers of infections.


Should volleyball clubs still meet?

The government is urging the public to stay at home as much as possible and to have limited contact with other people to help control the virus.

Therefore, we're advising that all training sessions and meetings should be cancelled or postponed until 30th June, unless they can be held virtually. If you would like some help in setting up meetings over the internet, please get in touch with communications@volleyballengland.org


How are clubs being supported?

We organised a webinar on Wednesday, 25th March to hear from clubs about the problems they are facing as a result of the coronavirus crisis. This feedback has helped to shape our support for clubs. A recording of this event is available here.

We've also published a page on our website that compiles all of the best practice and key resources for clubs at this time. Click here to read 'Help for volleyball clubs impacted by the coronavirus', which is being regularly updated.

Please keep up to speed with our latest information by following us on Twitter (@VBallEngland), liking our Facebook page or subscribing to our 'Time Out' newsletter.

In the meanwhile, please email membership@volleyballengland.org with any concerns and we will try our best to assist you.


Which Volleyball England events have now been cancelled?

All Volleyball England camps, courses and competitions have been cancelled until (and including) Tuesday, 30th June. This impacts:

  • All remaining National Volleyball League games for the 2019/20 season
  • The U15’s Last 8s (Due to take place 21st March)
  • The Easter camp for Cadet Girls and Boys as well as the Volleyball Futures camp, Junior Beach Men's training and CEV U18 selection, and Coaches Clinic (All of which were due to be run at the National Volleyball Centre between 11th-12th April)
  • Cup and Shield finals (Due to take place 25th-26th April)
  • All remaining Sitting Grand Prix fixtures (including GP5, GP Semi-Finals, Sitting Volleyball Cup and the GP Finals)
  • Junior Women Beach camp (Due to take place on 2nd May at the National Volleyball Centre)
  • Coaching and refereeing courses before 1st July
  • Inter Regional Championships (Due to take place on 23rd, 24th and 25th May at the National Volleyball Centre)
  • Junior Women Beach CEV U20 and NEVZA U19 selection camp (Due to take place on 6th June at the National Volleyball Centre)
  • Junior Men Beach CEV U20 and NEVZA U19 selection camp (Due to take place on 6th June in St Albans)
  • Junior Women Beach NEVZA U17 selection camp (Due to take place on 7th June at the National Volleyball Centre)
  • Junior Men Beach NEVZA U17 selection camp (Due to take place on 7th June in St Albans)
  • Junior Women Beach Home Nations selection camp (Due to take place on 13th June at the National Volleyball Centre)
  • Junior Men Beach NEVZA U17, CEV U18, NEVZA U19 training and Home Nations selection (Due to take place between 20th-21st June at the National Volleyball Centre)
  • Inter Regional Beach Championships (Due to take place on 11th-12th July)

For non-Volleyball England events, please get in touch with the organiser for updates.


How do I claim a refund on a cancelled Volleyball England event?

If you were booked onto a camp and want to request a refund, please contact talent@volleyballengland.org.

Refunds for sitting volleyball event entry fees can be applied by emailing competitions@volleyballengland.org.

If you were booked onto a course, you will be able to transfer this booking to a future course.

There will be no refunds for NVL, cup and junior competitions – this includes NVL, junior and sitting volleyball player registration fees.

Cancelling events will have a significant financial impact on Volleyball England and if you’re able to offer your support by declining a refund or applying for only a partial refund it will be greatly received. This money would go towards the considerable costs that have already been incurred through administration and facilitation work as well as venue bookings.

No doubt some of you will have considered the financial implications of the coronavirus so it is worth stressing that Volleyball England cannot offer refunds for expenses incurred in relation to any events.


How has the UK Beach Tour been impacted?

As things stand, the only 2 events that remain in this year's UK Beach Tour (UKBT) calendar are the Birdlington (Due to be held between 29th and 30th August) and Bournemouth (Due to be held between 5th and 6th September) Grand Slams. This is subject to change.

The Edinburgh Grand Slam has been cancelled, however, UKBT is in positive talks with organisers in regards to bringing the event to the Scottish capital for the first time in 2021.

The Weymouth Grand Slam has also been cancelled following a meeting with the local council. The event has only ever been cancelled once before in 37 years, and that was during the London 2012 Olympics.

Head to the website of UKBT, Volleyball England’s official beach tour delivery partner, for more information.


How will Volleyball England competitions that were left uncompleted be decided?

On 30th April, the Competitions Working Group made a decision on how Volleyball England competitions that were left unresolved because of the coronavirus will be concluded. This includes the NVL, Grand Prix, age-grade competitions and the NVL Cup and Shield. Click here to read the decision in full.


Are Hub staff still able to help with such services as club development, DBS checks and funding?

Yes. Although some members of staff have been furloughed, others are continuing to work as hard as they can, just from their own homes. For help with the above, please email membership@volleyballengland.org.


Will Volleyball England’s financial procedures be impacted by staff working from home?

If you send your invoices by e-mail these will be processed as usual. However, if you send invoices in the post then you will now need to send them via email to finance@volleyballengland.org.

Our team will be working as usual but, in the circumstances, the response time may be slightly slower.


Can I still buy items from Volleyball England's online shop?

Yes, but we are unable to put a time frame on when those items will be shipped. Members of staff are working from home and do not currently have access to our storeroom. If you have made an order, rest assured it will be fulfilled once we return to the office. If you have made an order and now wish to cancel it, please get in touch with our finance team (finance@volleyballengland.org) who will be able to arrange a refund for you.


What can we all do to support the volleyball community?

Two key strands of our work during this period are to keep people active – however we can – and to keep the volleyball community engaged. If you can share useful tips for volleyball drills at home or pieces of content that will spark interest and conversation on social media, this will help to bring us together during this difficult time.


Last updated: 18/05/2020.

FAQ: Volleyball England and the coronavirus