2019-2020: Laying the Foundations for a Stronger Future

3rd September 2020

2019-2020: Laying the Foundations for a Stronger Future

Volleyball England’s Annual Report for the 2019-2020 financial year has been released.  

Titled ‘Laying the Foundations for a Stronger Future’, the report brings together a year’s worth of work to help us to take stock, see the bigger picture and reflect on some of volleyball’s greatest successes. 

We look back on making history in the CEV Champions League, at the U17 NEVZA Championships and on the FIVB World Tour – achievements that have been made possible thanks to our phenomenal athletes and the dedication of our sport’s grassroots heroes. 

The Hub staff provide an overview of competitions, the core market, membership, and our indoor, beach and sitting volleyball national team athletes' accomplishments. There are also updates in areas such as communications and finance – including breakdowns of our income and expenditure – and overviews from each of the Regional Volleyball Associations. 

The progress of VolleyZone and the impact of introducing further registration fees are important topics that are explored throughout the document. Both were key steps for Volleyball England as we adapt in the face of a changing sporting landscape. 

A number of key statistics are also revealed. For example, during 2019-20, 343 clubs, 504 coaches and 459 referees registered with Volleyball England. Some 3,400 people took part in Volleyball England competitions too before restrictions brought the season to a halt. 

Another key theme of the publication is sustainability, as Chairman Adam Walker reflects on in his review.  

“Over the last two years my key messages have transitioned from repair and rebuild to stability and sustainability,” he writes. 

“Despite the very real challenges associated with ongoing reductions in Sport England funding we have, to a great extent, achieved this agenda.” 

Chief Executive Sue Storey joined the organisation in November, and the Annual Report gives members of the volleyball community the chance to find out about Sue’s initial thoughts. 

She said: “As you read through this Annual Report, I am sure you will, like me, be amazed at the things that are being achieved across the country. Building on the challenges of the past, I look forward with such a positive view of what more we can achieve together in the future.  

“Our collective plans are ambitious, but I know that if we work together, we can make them happen.” 

Click here to read Volleyball England’s 2019-2020 Annual Report.

2019-2020: Laying the Foundations for a Stronger Future