Volleyball England backs #SaveOurSports campaign

19th October 2020

Volleyball England backs #SaveOurSports campaign

Volleyball England has united with other leaders from the sport and physical activity sector to launch #SaveOurSports, a campaign that urgently calls on the Government to save grassroots sports, fitness and leisure facilities from permanent closure due to Covid-19.

In September, Sue Storey, CEO of Volleyball England, was one of more than 150 sports leaders who wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to ringfence funding for the recovery of the sector – a ‘Sports Recovery Fund’ – or risk fuelling physical inactivity and related illnesses for a generation.

So far there has been total inaction from the Government on this issue and neither the Prime Minister, nor any of his cabinet, have as yet responded to the letter.

The Tier 2 and 3 restrictions recently announced by Government further limit opportunities to participate in adult indoor sports despite the strict safety plans that indoor sports operators have put in place to ensure those environments are Covid-secure.

This will have a further financial impact for indoor sport and leisure facilities in England, as well as on the health and wellbeing of those who cannot take part in these sports outdoors in the winter months.

Furthermore, without financial support, nearly half of public leisure facilities face risk of permanent closure by Christmas.

Therefore, #SaveOurSports calls for a support package that:

  • Establishes a Sports Recovery Fund to ensure that Covid-19 doesn’t lead to a lost generation of sport and activity.
  • Extends the VAT reduction that has been applied to the culture and hospitality sectors to the sport and physical activity sector.
  • Maximises access, in a safe way, to sport and physical activity during any local lockdowns or additional national restrictions.

Sue Storey, CEO of Volleyball England said: “The Government must act now to save the sports and physical activity sector. To do nothing would have a devasting impact on the nation’s health and wellbeing.

“As we’ve said before, sport is an incredibly powerful tool in the nation’s armoury, and it is our strong belief that we should be supporting, not undermining, people’s ability to play.”

How YOU can help #SaveOurSports

  • Reshare Volleyball England’s #SaveourSports social media posts. For example, this one on Facebook or this one on Twitter.
  • Promote the campaign on social media by sharing your own experience of how volleyball is being impacted. Don’t forget to use #SaveOurSports. Click here for a graphic template or here to download the header image.
  • Write to your constituency MPs outlining how Covid-19 is impacting volleyball in your area and why support is needed. Find your local MP here.
  • Share your experience of how the restrictions are impacting volleyball near you by emailing communications@volleyballengland.org. Some of these will be used as case studies to reinforce the campaign.

Need assistance? Email communications@volleyballengland.org.

Volleyball England backs #SaveOurSports campaign