Volleyball-inspired home workout ideas

7th November 2020

Volleyball-inspired home workout ideas

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you’re determined to keep up your volleyball practise, fitness and perhaps learn a thing or two during lockdown, read on – we’ve pulled together a list of volleyball-inspired workouts to keep you active while you’re at home.

Last updated: 03/11/2020


Back volleying drill

Earlier this year Greenhouse Sports recorded a superb video series to help youngsters improve their volleyball technique. As well as back volleying, there are episodes that cover spiking, setting, blocking and much more.

While the London-based charity’s tutorials are aimed at young athletes, they are just as useful for beginners or those looking for ideas to base their own workouts around.

Click to explore Greenhouse Sport's video series


Digging in the garden

The Art of Coaching Volleyball has released a series of short videos demonstrating how players can set up their own volleyball drills – and it doesn’t get much simpler than its ‘Easy wall passing and setting’ exercise.

If you have a garden space, find a clear section of wall with some space around it, throw a ball against the wall and see how many digs you can complete in succession. The video recommends that you aim for 15-20 reps before pausing to rest. You can also mix it up by alternating digs with setting reps.

Click here to watch ‘easy wall passing and setting for all ages’


Blocking exercise

Use this challenge to practise your blocking touches while working on conditioning. If you don’t have access to a volleyball net, place two strips of tape at a set height on a tall surface, such as an outside wall, then see how many consecutive ‘block touches’ you can achieve. Can you beat the instructor’s high score of seven?

Click here to watch ‘block touch challenge’


Sitting volleyball skill challenge

Richard Osborne, Head Coach of the UK’s Invictus Games Sitting Volleyball Team, has created a series of home volleyball challenges to keep athletes practicing during the lockdown. The drills, which are demonstrated in short video explainers, have been designed to test specific sitting volleyball skills.

Click here to give 'wall ball' a try


Ladder workout

Ciara Michel, who played for Team GB at the 2012 Olympics, has recorded a video with fellow volleyball player Lindsay Dowd in which they demonstrate a series of volleyball-inspired workouts you can do at home - including a ladder workout that is simple to set up. Creativity is key, the pair stress, but there's no excuse for not working out at home - just make sure you do it safely!

Click here to find out how to set up the ladder workout


Sitting volleyball for kids

If you need to find a way of keeping your children entertained while also giving them some exercise, look no further. On its website, the NHS explains how you can set up a Frozen-inspired sitting volleyball game in just four simple steps. 

Click here to play Kristoff and Anna's Snowball Volleyball


Looking for further inspiration and advice?

Sport England has compiled an extensive guide on getting outside, exercising at home, and exercises for children while following guidelines. It’s full of inspiration if you’re looking to generally keep more active, all while taking into account government advice.

Click here to read Sport England’s guide

Picture: Greenhouse Sports.

Volleyball-inspired home workout ideas