Volleyball England’s December opening times

7th December 2020

Volleyball England’s December opening times

Volleyball England will continue to operate at a reduced capacity throughout December.

Although the office will be open five days a week, the majority of staff will be furloughed on a part-time basis, meaning the Hub will only be at full capacity on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please note that staff continue to work from home.

If your query is urgent, email info@volleyballengland.org and a member of staff will try and assist you. Please bear with us as response times are likely to be slower.

Christmas closure

The Hub will close for Christmas from 4.30pm on Friday 18th December, re-opening on Monday, 4th January.

We look forward to working with the Volleyball Family in 2021 as together we strive to build back better.

Edit: Volleyball England's period of Christmas closure has changed. The office will now be shut from Friday, 18th December rather than Thursday, 24th December.

Volleyball England’s December opening times