Officials Academy revamped thanks to renewed partnership

23rd March 2021

Officials Academy revamped thanks to renewed partnership

We are proud to announce The Rules R will continue to be the official supplier of the Volleyball England Officials Academy (VEOA). 

Under the new three-year partnership, which began in December, registered referees have access to a new-look e-learning platform that expands on the functionalities of the previous system. 

Referees have been given exclusive access to VEOA as part of their membership since 2016, helping them to continuously develop and enhance their knowledge of the rules and regulations.  

The Rules R is a gamified learning app that is custom designed for sports officials, providing them with an engaging way to learn or better understand the rules of their sport. Organisations such as the Ontario Volleyball Association and officiating magazine Referee are already working with The Rules R.

Nick Heckford, Officials Working Group Lead, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to continue our partnership with The Rules R.

“VEOA has provided our referees with an invaluable and simple tool to expand their understanding of the rules of game. The new platform offers so much potential to introduce video and diagrams into the question bank and to make learning fun with the gamification.

“I look forward to developing this over the next few years and encourage all registered referees to use the tool, alongside webinar series Let’s Talk Rules, in refreshing their knowledge as we return to volleyball this summer and beyond.”

Guy Bradbury, an experienced international volleyball referee who developed The Rules R, added: “The Rules R is excited to continue our relationship with Volleyball England. To have the opportunity to assist in the development of referees and improve the volleyball experience of all participants is a real honour.

“As sport moves into the return to play phase of the pandemic, a challenge will be to attract and support new and returning referees. Since 2017 we have supported more than 635 individual Volleyball England referees to improve their understanding of the rules and competition regulations.

“With a completely re-designed and gamified platform we anticipate that referees will have a more engaging user experience that will lead to a better on court experience and assist in improving referee retention.”

Building on the true/false quiz functionality and the use of VEOA as the Grade 4 exam platform, there are several new features on the revamped app. This includes the use of diagrams, videos, and multiple-choice questions as part of quizzes.  

Additional functionality is set to be rolled out over the next few months. This includes personal challenges, competing against the clock, and group leaderboards. 

If they are yet to sign up to VEOA, referees who have registered with Volleyball England for 2020/21 should use this link, click the sign-up button at the bottom of the page and complete their profile using the email address used to register with Volleyball England. They will then receive an email from to activate their account.

Please send any queries regarding VEOA to or feedback to

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Officials Academy revamped thanks to renewed partnership