Let's Talk Rules - Rules 20-21: Conduct and misconduct

21st April 2021

Let's Talk Rules - Rules 20-21: Conduct and misconduct

Let's Talk Rules returns for its 10th session on Wednesday, 5th May to discuss Rules 20 and 21. 

Beginning at 7.15pm, presenter Nick Heckford, Lead for the Officials Working Group, will cover requirements of conduct, misconduct and its sanctions at the webinar.

If you're unable to attend this session, a recording will be made available afterwards on Volleyball England's YouTube channel.

How do I join?

The session will be broadcast via Microsoft Teams and is open for anyone to attend. Use the following link on the day to join: https://bit.ly/3adiCrf

For the best experience, you are advised to download the Microsoft Teams app onto your computer, tablet or mobile phone ahead of time and to test the link above to see if you can enter the waiting lobby.

Please note sessions can last around two hours.

Can I rewatch previous sessions?

Yes, please head to Volleyball England’s YouTube channel to re-watch the webinars. 


If you have any questions about the event or the rule in question, please send them to communications@volleyballengland.org beforehand or use the chat function during the session.

If you have a rule that you would like to be discussed in a future session, please get in touch with Nick Heckford via nick.heckford@btinternet.com.


Edit: This article previously advertised the next session as taking place on Wednesday, 28th April, that was incorrect. The next session willl take place on Wednesday, 5th May.

Let's Talk Rules - Rules 20-21: Conduct and misconduct