Volleyball in Step 4: From restrictions to recommendations

15th July 2021

Volleyball in Step 4: From restrictions to recommendations

On Monday, 19th July, further restrictions around volleyball activity will be lifted as England moves to Step 4 of the lockdown roadmap.  

From that point, we will move from a position of requiring activity to follow our Government-approved sport-specific safety plans to recommending the community follows a smaller, yet still effective, set of safety mitigations to minimise the risk of transmitting Covid-19 between participants. Ultimately, the health and safety of members comes above all else. 

Government and venue-specific guidance must still be followed where relevant. 

This applies to volleyball, beach volleyball and sitting volleyball in indoor and outdoor settings.  

Let’s keep the Volleyball Family safe 

Sue Storey, Chief Executive of Volleyball England, said: “We are delighted the volleyball community has returned to play over these last few months. However, Covid-19 has not gone away, and the virus presents a risk to many of our friends and teammates. We know that many have concerns about Covid-19 and feel uncomfortable with removing all restrictions at once. 

“Moving ahead, we have produced a set of recommendations that we will encourage the community to follow. Circumstances will differ throughout the country, and we ask organisers to look at local factors, such as the rate of Covid-19 in their area and how vulnerable their members are, when assessing appropriate measures to put in place. 

“We are delighted that beach volleyball events have returned en masse in the last few months and eagerly anticipate the forthcoming return of indoor competitions in the season ahead.” 

Click here to read our new guidance document for Step 4 of the lockdown roadmap. 

Click here to read our updated set of frequently asked questions. 

Step 4 webinar 

As before, we will be hosting a webinar to explain our new guidance. This will take place between 6pm-7pm on Monday, 19th July. When the time comes, please click here to join the session. 

If you cannot make it, the session will recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Volleyball in Step 4: From restrictions to recommendations