Sitting volleyball boost in Nottingham and Salisbury

2nd August 2021

Sitting volleyball boost in Nottingham and Salisbury

The Volleyball England Foundation have awarded two more clubs a grant to develop sitting volleyball teams. 

Nottingham Rockets and Salisbury VCs are the latest clubs to successfully apply for support. Both clubs, who currently don’t have any sitting volleyball provisions, are thrilled to receive the funding, which will enable more people in their local areas to play volleyball in an inclusive way.  

The chair of Nottingham Rockets VC, Bryan Gladwin, said “We are ecstatic that we have been awarded the Volleyball England Foundation grant to help start our Sitting volleyball club. […] This is an amazing opportunity for our local community to experience sitting volleyball at a grassroots level where all are able to participate. We also look forward to where we can offer local disabled or amputee athletes the chance to compete with other clubs in the Volleyball England Grand Prix series.” 

While Kendra Hall, the Sitting Manager at Salisbury VC said “As a small club this would have been difficult to do on our own, but with the support of the Volleyball England Foundation we can hit the ground “sliding” later this year! We believe that volleyball is for everyone and are so pleased that the sitting game can be made more accessible to our local and regional communities through Salisbury VC.” 

The Volleyball England Sitting Volleyball Lead, Richard Osborne, extended a warm welcome to Nottingham Rockets and Salisbury VCs as the most recent additions to the sitting volleyball community. “Thanks to Volleyball England Foundation funding there are now five sitting volleyball clubs that have come online in the last 12 months and there is a real sense of momentum for sitting volleyball at the moment.” he said. 

The final round of funding will come to a close in December, giving even more clubs the chance to set up sitting volleyball teams.  

More information on the sitting volleyball development fund can be found on the Volleyball England Foundation Website

Photo credit: Phil Gibbin at the 2019 Sitting Grand Prix Final 

Sitting volleyball boost in Nottingham and Salisbury