Competition for all juniors with Tier 2

29th October 2021

Competition for all juniors with Tier 2

Our junior competitions are back, in a new series of tiered Grand Prix-style events. The 2nd Tier allows for a level of competition that is ideal for new or inexperienced teams.  

If you’ve never taken part in our junior competitions, now is the perfect time to get involved. All teams can enter Tier 2, no matter what their level of competitive experience or skill is. This includes schools, colleges and junior volleyball teams. 

Tier 2 is focused on development and participation. A unique set of adapted rules have been put in place to enhance the player experience in this Tier. For example, the U15s competitions are played 4v4 on badminton courts and the U16s and U18s 6v6 on a short court. 

This is an exciting opportunity for juniors of all abilities to get involved in a national competition. They’ll have fun whilst advancing their skills and growing into more experienced players.  


What you need to know 

Tier 2 competitions will be hosted locally by teams. The more teams that enter, the more localised the competition becomes. 

For the U16s and U18s, the cost to enter is £40 per Grand Prix, with a one-off player registration fee of £5pp. All processed via VolleyZone. The entry fee includes a hosting fee within the price, with that going directly to the host. 

For the U15s, the first Grand Prix is £25 to enter, with a one-off player registration fee of £5pp. The 2nd and 3rd Grand Prix costs £40 per team per Grand Prix to enter. 

Entry fees include a hosting fee within the price, with that going directly to the host. 


How to enter 

If you’d like to enter your team into Tier 2 of the junior competitions, please initially complete this form. We will help you get your accounts set up. 

Flexibility will be given for teams to change Tier should the level of competition be unsuitable for them. 

The deadlines to enter your team are: 

  • U18s competitions: Thursday 18th November 

  • U16s competitions: Thursday 25th November 

  • U15s competitions: Thursday 2nd December 


Join our webinar to find out more 

We will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 2nd November to provide further details in the format and structure of the junior competitions. This will be a great chance to ask questions, learn from others and further understand this exciting new competition for juniors of all levels of development.  

Join us from 17:30-18:30 on Tuesday by using this link

Read more about Tier 2 events here

All the key dates can be found here

Competition for all juniors with Tier 2