Seyram Atubra

Seyram brings a wealth of expertise of Research and Insight to the Volleyball England board, which she joined in July 2017.

She has over 13 years experience, gained while working in the sports industry and civil service. The customer is at the heart of what she wants to achieve; she is enthusiastic about using insight to improve customer experience and champion the perspective of the volleyball community when it comes to business decisions and strategic decisions. 

As a former England South Cadet and former Loughborough Students player, Seyram is part of the volleyball community but says that her passion for volleyball will not impact of her ability to use insight to improve the work of the Volleyball England board. She says: "One of my abilities is to see the bigger picture, analytical and logical. Although I have a background playing volleyball, I put personal experiences aside and will be led by the available insight to make the best decisions for the development of volleyball in England."