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Primary Sitting

Sitting volleyball is an ideal sport to deliver in schools. It's fun, inclusive and easy to deliver.  Below are easy steps to introduce sitting volleyball in your school. To find out more about the sport visit the sitting volleyball page.

Sitting Volleyball Equipment

There is a range of equipment that can be used to deliver sitting volleyball in schools. Below are some options that you can consider:

Sitting Volleyball Equipment Package

This bag is perfect for introducing Sitting Volleyball in school. It contains 5 Volleyball England Sitting Volleyball Beach Balls, a net band and a sitting volleyball resource book. 

These are available to buy for £14.95 from Bishop Sports HERE.

Posts & Nets

Net Band

You can use the net band from the Sitting Volleyball Equipment bag to get a basic game up and running.

Badminton/Short Tennis net

If you already have badminton posts or a short tennis net at school, you can easily set the net to around 1m high and use this to play. 

Multi-Sport Base

The multi-sport base is an easy to use, post system that can be used to deliver sitting volleyball in schools as well as a range of other sports. 

These are available to buy for £229.95 from Bishop Sports HERE.

Junior Volleyballs

There are a range of beginner volleyballs that are available for juniors to play with but the balls below are a good place to start:

Beginner - Volleyball England Beach Balls

Developpment - Large, Lightweight ball 

Intermediate - Lightweight Junior Ball

Advanced - Volleyball England Junior Ball

There are a range of other balls available to buy from Sportset HERE

Sitting Volleyball Resources

If you already have all of the equipment, the Volleyball England Sitting Volleyball Resource can assist you to introduce and teach the game.

The Resource contains a series of easy to follow mini games and activities covering warm ups, skill development and game play.

These are available to buy from Bishop Sports HERE.

Sitting Volleyball CPD

Sitting Volleyball Workshop

This course is suitable for those who are looking to introduce sitting volleyball in their school. It equips teachers and leaders with the knowledge, resources and basic equipment to deliver fun and inclusive sessions.

More details on the workshop are available HERE

More Information

If you have any questions about sitting volleyball or would like to know more. Please contact or 01509 22 77 22.

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