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9 May 2022

Volleyball England staffing update

Volleyball England staffing update

As a result of Sam Jamieson moving up from the role of Deputy CEO to Interim CEO, we have made a number of internal appointments to cover positions.

From today, Sam Jamieson has officially stepped up to become the Interim CEO of Volleyball England. Recruitment for a permanent successor is now underway.

As a result of Sam moving up from the role of Deputy CEO, we have made a number of internal appointments to cover positions in the interim period:

  • Rob Payne, Strategic Manager (An Ace Service) has become the Deputy CEO
  • Laura Woodruff, Project Lead (Clubs and Memberships) has become the Strategic Manager (An Ace Service)
  • Leila Gear, Project Officer (Competitions) has become the Project Lead (Club and Memberships)

Following the appointment of the permanent CEO, the staffing structure will be adjusted accordingly.

In addition, we have further staffing updates:

  • Andy Jones, who joined Volleyball England as our Talent Manager in 2021 on a fixed-term contract, will continue in the role into 2023.  This extension to his contract provides additional resource to the Volleyball For Life area so that necessary focus can be dedicated to both the talent pathway and delivery and development of education programmes.
  • Anna Knibbs remains in the Volleyball for Life area and is promoted to Project Lead with a specific remit around the development and delivery of education programmes.
  • Dave Gunter, will assist the Competitions Team on a fixed-term contract over the busy summer period supporting with the review of junior competitions and preparations for the new NVL season.
  • Kerrie Stevens and Molly Walker have been recruited to fill Project Officer vacancies in our Competitions and Talent Teams, respectively.

Please join us in congratulating staff on their new roles and welcoming the new faces to our team!

For a list of members of staff and their contact details, click here.


Photo: Members of staff who supported the second day of Cup Finals in April. Credit: takethatphoto.