19 May 2022

Anti-doping webinars for clubs

Anti-doping webinars for clubs

Ahead of UKAD's Clean Sport Week, Volleyball England is delighted to announce a series of anti-doping webinars for clubs. 

In April 2021, the Government released a new anti-doping policy that all National Governing Bodies must comply with. 

We worked towards meeting those standards over the last year and are now working with the volleyball community to help everyone understand how it impacts them.
Everyone involved in sport must know about anti-doping as any athlete can be tested at any time and anywhere at any level of practice.

And so we need your help, especially clubs, to: 

  • Be fully compliant with UKAD regulations
  • To make all participants, whether athletes, volunteers, coaches, officials, to be aware of the anti-doping issues and potential risks
  • Help keep our sport clean!

Throughout May and June, Bertrand Olie, our Anti-Doping Lead, will be hosting a series of free-to-attend webinars. 

During the webinar you will learn about: 

  • The anti-doping organisation
  • How athletes can protect themselves
  • The testing procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities of clubs.

Please search for 'anti-doping' in the VolleyZone events finder to register or contact Bertrand Olie for more information.