5 Dec 2023

Celebrating the young people making a difference on International Volunteer Day 2023

Celebrating the young people making a difference on International Volunteer Day 2023

To mark today's International Volunteer Day (5th December), Volleyball England is shining a light on three young volunteers who were recognised at this year's Annual Awards 2023 for their ongoing contribution to the sport.

Young Volunteer of the Year - Aileen Barry 

Aileen Barry was recognised for her work during the Volleyball England Annual Awards 2023 for her outstanding work in the space of volunteering.

She spent last summer volunteering at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, and it is not unheard of for her to be staying later, helping in other areas, or providing an extra pair of hands in their club and community.

Holding multiple roles allows her to provide volleyball opportunities to juniors, students and referees while also refereeing and mentoring. People around her say she always manages to make it all look effortless too. 

Young Coach of the Year - Harriett Philp-Edwards 

Harriett Philp-Edwards, recipient of Young Coach of the Year Award, went above and beyond with her dedication and commitment to her players 

She has been extremely helpful with coaching younger athletes, completing their assistant coach award and being a role model to all.

Those who know her say she is always the first in the sports hall and last to leave, going out of their way to provide support to junior athletes and putting herself forward to take on coaching opportunities within the club to be able to thrive as a coach.  

Young Referee of the Year - Ebony Faraday 

Ebony Faraday has given her time and demonstrated a high level of commitment, displaying dedication and enthusiasm for the last year to volleyball officiating.  

She stepped forward to referee local matches within her club, community and local tournaments to build her confidence and already gaining an upgrade.

She takes the time to talk to other newly qualified refs, as well as much more experienced refs, to understand the art better, with her next goal to be able to start refereeing national league matches. 

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