22 Feb 2024

Give your feedback on draft version of The People Plan

Give your feedback on draft version of The People Plan

​Volleyball England is now asking for feedback on the draft version of The People Plan which, once finalised, will cover the period from 2024-2030.

The People Plan sets out how volleyball can better engage with, service and reward those people that support the players and keep things running on a week-to-week basis. 

It incorporates a wide cross-section of individuals invested in the sport, including, but not limited to, officials, coaches, Talent staff, club secretaries, chairs and committees, county and regional representatives, tutors, observers and event volunteers. 

The publishing of the draft plan follows a consultation period led by The Big Conversation, a series of workshops and meetings that aimed to find out what people wanted to see detailed in the document.  

The People Plan acknowledges and recognises that the people in our volleyball communities are essential for everything that we do in volleyball,” said Volleyball England board member Richard Harrison.  

“It is the blueprint to achieve our vision ‘to ensure that everyone in the sport feels a sense of belonging’, which was first defined in 2020 as part of our overall strategy, The Game Plan.”


“At the heart of The People Plan is the sense of people feeling valued and engaged. We need to do better to include those that are less engaged, and to understand more deeply which groups are less engaged and feel less valued, and why they feel this way.  

“Another significant issue frequently raised is that the need to establish a dynamic pipeline of volunteers coming into the sport is becoming ever-more urgent.  

“Our most senior volunteers are doing multiple roles, and when they come to wanting to step down, they are struggling to find others to fill those roles. So, how can we all create the welcoming and positive environment that encourages more people to volunteer? 

“I would urge as many people as possible to please scrutinise the draft plan and share your feedback via the survey, so it can become as much your plan as it is mine.” 

Read the foreword by Richard explaining the reasons for The People Plan and the consultation around it by clicking here. 

View the draft plan itself by clicking here and then please take a few moments to provide your feedback by filling in the survey by clicking here. 

The opportunity to provide feedback will remain open until Monday 18th March, after which a final version will be published in due course. 

To ensure progress against the strategic objectives, the plan will then be managed by the Volleyball For Life Sub Group. 

The People Plan will be a standing agenda item on the Volunteer Leadership Group to ensure cross-organisational working and there will be community and functional area action plans beneath the main plan. 

The regions, counties and affiliated clubs will also be encouraged to collaborate and regularly give their views. 

Volleyball England would like to thank Stephen Mitchell and Justyn Price from Sporting People for the help they have given during the process of putting together The People Plan.