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Volley2s for KS2

Volley2s takes children from an easy to play catch and throw game through four developmental stages (Red, Amber, Green, Gold) to play 2v2 volleyball using recognised volleyball shots such as dig, set, spike, serve and block. New movement and volleyball skills, tactical, problem-solving skills, and social skills are introduced at each stage. 
You can download a FREE copy of the Volley2s Guide to Teaching and Coaching Guide here. Inside the comprehensive teaching resource you can find chapters on: 
  • How to plan a Volley2s unit of work 
  • The rules, equipment and net step up 
  • Ways of using STEP principles too make the games inclusive 
  • Picture cards showing the key points of each skill, useful for peer teaching 
  • Advice and tips on how to run a Volley2s Festival