Sports Minister praises governance reforms

27th July 2017

Sports Minister praises governance reforms


Sports Minister Tracey Crouch has praised the way National Governing Bodies (NGBs) have responded in working to become compliant with the new Code for Sports Governance by the end of October.

Crouch announced her plan for the new Code in the government’s sport strategy ‘Sporting Future’ in December 2015 in a move to ensure that sports bodies in the UK lead the world with the highest levels of governance and transparency.

The code was published by Sport England and UK Sport in October 2016. Sports governing bodies are working with Sport England and UK Sport to become compliant by 31 October 2017.

If sports bodies do not adhere to the code and cannot demonstrate full commitment to becoming compliant with its requirements they will not be eligible to receive public funding.

Governance requirements include:

-        Greater transparency

-        Increased skills and diversity in decision making - with a target of at least 30 per cent gender diversity on boards - and a commitment to greater diversity more generally

-        Constitutional arrangements that make boards the ultimate decision-makers

The changes will mark the single, biggest collective step forward in sports governance in the UK, and will set a template for global best practice.

Significant progress is being made, with 50 sports bodies including the FA, ECB, LTA, RFU, British Cycling and Volleyball England all having plans already agreed on how they will become compliant.

Crouch said: “I am really pleased with how governing bodies have responded to the introduction of the Code. I appreciate for many sports this is not an easy task, due to the complexities of current governance structures, but virtually all of them have stepped up, understand the importance of this work and have changes in the pipeline that will collectively strengthen sport in this country.”

“Good governance and transparency in sport is absolutely paramount - not just for effective decision making but to increase diversity, maintain sport’s integrity and ensure millions of sport fans have complete faith in those that run sport.”

Sport England CEO Jennie Price said: “Implementation of the Code has been a huge undertaking but we are very pleased with the progress NGBs have made. A lot of change is now happening in a relatively short period of time. Despite the hard work involved, sports bodies have embraced the Code, recognising that better governance means better decision making, and have welcomed the chance to bring their business processes in line with best practice in other sectors. We think these changes will pay off for years to come, with British sport leading the world.”

Volleyball England's members are set to vote to ratify its package of governance reforms at its AGM in Loughborough this weekend (July 29).


Sports Minister praises governance reforms