Workshop to kickstart development of junior volleyball

6th September 2018

Workshop to kickstart development of junior volleyball

Do you have passion for junior volleyball? Then an event at the end of this month is a must attend!

On Sunday 30th September, SportPark Loughborough will host a Junior Development Network Workshop from 10:45am to 3:30pm to get people together to share ideas and discuss how best to improve the delivery of junior volleyball.

Organised by the newly-appointed Children and Young People Working Group Lead, Nick Shaffery, the event is looking to kick start a new drive to improve young people’s volleyball experience.  

“The aim of the workshop is to pull together ideas and share good practice,” says Nick. “So what good things are happening out there which we can replicate nationally and how can we go forward?”

Anyone with an interest in junior volleyball is encouraged to come along to the workshop and get involved in the discussion. All they have to do is fill out a simple form, which you can access here, to register before the deadline of Monday September 24th 2018.

“Anybody with an interest in junior volleyball is welcome to attend,” says Nick. “It would be great to have people there who work with children from five years of age up to young adults. Anyone with an interest in juniors at club and elite level, as well as parents and young players, are welcome to come along and share their experiences.

“It would be good to have any Higher Education Volleyball Officers there and find out how they got into the sport and the way they market volleyball to young people at their university. Young people, we need your expertise on how to spread the volleyball word through social media.”

An open forum

On the day, which will include lunch, tea and coffee, participants will have the opportunity to discuss in small groups a range of topics related to developing junior volleyball. Potential topics include competition pathway U11 to U18, environments at clubs, schools, universities, next generation workforce, resources and partnership working.

Having an open platform for people to share their experience, Children and Young People Working Group Lead Nick believes is key to the development of junior volleyball.

“Upon taking the role, it was suggested that we needed a conference about the development of junior volleyball. A conference infers being talked at, rather than being listened to, hence a day of networking workshops was agreed. There is a lot of expertise across the country. We need to share the great things people are doing.

“There is a lots of quality volleyball happening out there but some of it is in pockets. Development of junior volleyball needs to be driven through the regions as they are the gateway. Working together we can bring together all that is good and then feedback and reflect on what works and what doesn’t. The Junior Development Network Workshop will be the guide to start us in a productive direction.”

If people have examples of good practice or successful projects, they are encouraged to share them ahead of the conference, so they can be included on the day. You can email them to Nick directly at:

Of the highest importance

There are not many people who wouldn’t agree that getting more young people into volleyball is a top priority. The workshop follows on from the decision to make Junior Club Membership free for the 2018/19 season as the drive to engage more young people in volleyball gains fresh impetus.

“Junior development is the most important thing of all,” says Nick. “Young people are the next generation coming through. We need to engage more children and young people in our sport.”

“It is important that we have an impact on volleyball in schools. Some clubs are based out of schools but what about schools with no club exit routes? How do we cater for them? What can we learn from the great work HEVOs are doing and replicate this in our school settings?

“We have a workforce of teachers and coaching companies, how can we upskill them, so they can take volleyball into schools? What resources do they need?

“After the workshop, we can reflect on the ideas and discussion and look to gather people into keen working groups. Even if we can keep making small changes, we’ll make progress.”

If you have an interest in junior volleyball, be sure to attend the workshop on Sunday 30th September. Register your place before the deadline of the 24th September 2018.

If you are unable to make the event, but still want to support development of junior volleyball, complete the form and tick the option to say you cannot make this event but would be interested in attending future junior development workshops.

Workshop to kickstart development of junior volleyball