Club Survey 2018: What you said

19th October 2018

Club Survey 2018: What you said

The results of the club survey, carried out earlier in the year, are now available on the website. The insight gathered paves the way for Volleyball England to improve delivery and support development of services to its members.

The Club Survey reached out to over 400 registered clubs to give their perception of Volleyball England and the services it currently provides. The feedback has been very revealing, outlining what the membership expects from the national governing body.  

“To make meaningful changes its vital that Volleyball England understands the needs of its membership,” says Janet Inman, Chief Executive Officer of Volleyball England. “Thank you to everyone who took time to provide feedback. The insight has highlighted some key areas Volleyball England can develop. The next steps, which are already underway, is to delve a little deeper into these areas, with your help we can look at making changes which will have a positive impact on our sport.”

Your feedback

The response to the survey was excellent with 96 completed surveys returned.

“Having been through a period of change and reducing the HUB staff by over half, it was interesting to see that most of our members (68) saw no discernible change in the service we provide and 15 even indicated that the services had improved,” says Janet.

Respondents were also asked to rate their level of satisfaction on a range of services Volleyball England offers. This includes services provided by both the HUB and the wider network of volunteers and members who constitute Volleyball England.

The overall average level of satisfaction was 5.53 out of ten. “Although not brilliant, this gives us a baseline from which to build and improve our performance,” says Janet. Respondents gave their reasons for high and low scores:  

·         Top reasons for high scores: responding well to substantial cuts, members found it easy to get support and members benefitted from published guidance

·         Top reasons for low scores: Volleyball England being detached from volleyball community, having little impact on their club and not enough focus on the grassroots

The areas identified where Volleyball England could do better included support for grassroots volleyball, improved communications and offer and promote courses. Interestingly, areas identified as things it does well were also communications, followed by competitions and courses!

For the full analysis of the survey, please click here

Making improvements

“Looking at the bigger picture, it is clear from the feedback just how pivotal a role the website plays in serving the membership,” says Janet. “Work is already underway to create a new user-friendly membership portal, with the aim to launch it for next season. If we understand our membership better we can provide support to clubs, county and regional associations, making it easier for them to operate and access Volleyball England support.”

For some of the key themes raised, more information is needed to help Volleyball England make worthwhile changes.

“To help us interrogate the findings a little more we are sending out a very short survey of just three questions to club secretaries to help us understand just exactly what it is grassroots clubs require,” says Janet.

The follow up survey will be sent out on Monday 22nd October 2018 with the board set to discuss the feedback and map out a plan of action that we will be keen to share with you following the next meeting on November 24th.

 “Volleyball England is listening and already taking steps to provide a better service,” says Janet. “The Club Survey is not a one-off. Gaining feedback will become increasingly embedded into how Volleyball England develops the support we offer to our members. The support of the membership is vital moving forward as we look to build a national governing body which is sustainable and provides support that enables our clubs to grow.”

Club Survey 2018: What you said