National Volleyball League

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The NVL is the top Volleyball Competition in England for Clubs. The League comprises National Super League, National Division 1, National Division 2 and 3 National Division 3 Leagues for both Men and Women.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic the NVL has been cancelled for the 2020-2021 season.

Super League

Launched in 2018 and replaceing the Super 8s as the top division for volleyball in England, the men's and women's Super Leagues are played in a split-league system.

All teams will play each other once, before the division splits into two halves.

The top half then play each other twice for positions one to five, while the bottom half play each other twice to compete for sixth to tenth position in the league. The team finishing bottom will be relegated while the team in ninth will face a playoff against the team who finishes second in NVL division one.

Points won in the first half of the season will carry over into each team’s total points tally. However, teams from the bottom half will not be able to overtake teams from the top half.

More information

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