Rules and Information

New NVL Team Application Form

  Name Size (MB) Updated
New Team Application Form 2020-21 New Team Application Form 2020-21 0.47 03/04/2020

NVL Regulations

  Name Size (MB) Updated
NVL Entry Fees 20-21 NVL Entry Fees 20-21 0.08 08/04/2021
NVL Accepted Balls NVL Accepted Balls 0.29 14/10/2019
NVL Regulations 2019-20 NVL Regulations 2019-20 0.44 17/10/2019
NVL Regulation Amendments 2019-20 NVL Regulation Amendments 2019-20 0.08 17/10/2019
2020-2021 NVL Trigrams 2020-2021 NVL Trigrams 0.10 13/08/2020

NVL League Structure 2020-21

  Name Size (MB) Updated
NVL league Structure 2020-21 NVL league Structure 2020-21 0.04 23/09/2020

NVL Transfers

Players registered in the last two seasons require a transfer to register for a different Club.

  Name Size (MB) Updated
NVL Players 2019-20 NVL Players 2019-20 0.33 19/08/2020
NVL Players 2018-19 NVL Players 2018-19 0.33 30/05/2019

International Transfers

For more information on International Transfers please see the document below.

  Name Size (MB) Updated
International Transfers International Transfers 0.09 21/01/2021

Referee Appointments

Referee Appointments are liable to change throughout the season due to unforseen circumstances.

To access your Referee Appointments via Whos the Ref (WTR) please use the guide below;

  Name Size (MB) Updated
How to access Referee Appointments via WTR How to access Referee Appointments via WTR 0.34 11/08/2014

NVL Venues

Directions to the NVL Venues can be found below;

  Name Size (MB) Updated
NVL Venues 2019-20 NVL Venues 2019-20 0.38 12/09/2019

NVL Team Sheet

This needs to be presented to the scorer before each match

  Name Size (MB) Updated
NVL Team Sheet. NVL Team Sheet. 0.13 31/01/2012

NVL Match Confirmation Template

All home teams must send email confirmation out to the opposition, officials and Divisional Lead at least 14 days before the match date. Fines will be imposed to those teams that do not send this out in time in accordance with Rule D 1 viii (10).

  Name Size (MB) Updated
NVL Match Confirmation Template NVL Match Confirmation Template 0.12 14/09/2018

Player Code of Conduct

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Players Code of Conduct Players Code of Conduct 0.06 17/06/2016

NVL Secretary Handbook

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NVL Secretary Handbook NVL Secretary Handbook 0.15 26/06/2018

More Information

Please contact the Competitions Team via email or by phone at 01509 227722.